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LITOSTROJ STEEL LTD., Production of Quality Steel Castings,

Litostrojska cesta 44, P.O. BOX 296
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

T: +386 1 513 12 00
F: +386 1 505 66 96

VAT ID: SI77632524
Registry number: 2235374

Typical steel grades produced by Litostroj

Own and permanent supplier machine tools


Litostroj has a rich 60 years long tradition – starting the operation in 1947.

The important milestones:

The steel casting activity from Litostroj Ulitki d.o.o. is continuing in company Litostroj Steel Ltd.

The steel casting activity from Litostroj Ulitki d.o.o. is continuing in company Litostroj Steel Ltd.

Acquisition of the company by ACMG d.o.o. Further investments in expanding casting and machining capacities.

First investments in CNC machining capacities. Focusing on the power market. Increase of castings in weights up to 60 T/pc. Qualification with all major global heavy machine companies, active in power generation.

IHC Holland acquired major share of the capital. Large investments in foundry equipment. Change of name to Litostroj Ulitki d.o.o.

Expatriation of Litostroj Tovarna Ulitkov d.o.o. from Holding Litostroj. Ownership of Slovenian Fund for Development.

Investment in MRP – AOD convertor for high quality steel refinement.

A new company – Litostroj Tovarna Ulitkov d.o.o. – was founded, continuing the foundry activities of Titovi zavodi Litostroj.

A big investment in heavy steel foundry, melting, heat treatment and inspection equipment. The heaviest steel and iron castings are about 35 T / pc.

Opening of semi-mechanized casting shop for small wear, impact and corrosion resistant parts up to 0.5 T / pc.

The start of steel casting production, in weights up to 8 T / pc.

Litostroj was grounded as continuation of mechanical plants, which existed for more than hundred years in Ljubljana region. The first iron was made and poured on September 1, 1947 in a new plant opened by Josip Broz Tito, whose name – Titovi zavodi Litostroj – has been used until 1990.

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Litostroj Steel Ltd.

Litostroj Steel Ltd.

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