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Litostroj Steel Ltd.
Litostroj Steel Ltd.

LITOSTROJ STEEL LTD., Production of Quality Steel Castings,

Litostrojska cesta 44, P.O. BOX 296
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

T: +386 1 513 12 00
F: +386 1 505 66 96

VAT ID: SI77632524
Registry number: 2235374

Typical steel grades produced by Litostroj

Own and permanent supplier machine tools

Heat treatment

Following heat treatment is being performed up on order:

- Post weld heat treatment,
- Soft annealing,
- Normalizing,
- Quenching and tempering.

Heat treatment up to max. 1200°C is carried out on forgings, castings and welded assemblies in automatically controlled gas furnaces with capacity up to 100 T and sizes of 8 m length, 8 m width and 5 m height.

The quenching is performed in water, oil, liquid spraying and air venting, depending on the cooling speed needed for optimal transformation of microstructure and final properties of the material.
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Litostroj Steel Ltd.

Litostroj Steel Ltd.

Litostroj Steel Ltd.
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